Our foam board signs are a standard, paper-faced memory foam board with a biodegradable and environmentally friendly rigid foam center. The solid foam center gives it durability and makes it a great indoor signage option while the paper-faced sides allow for clarity in printing.

  Perfect to display high quality image or artwork.
  Great for exhibit signage.
  Maximum sheet size 48"x96".

Finishing Options:

Contour cutting: is the process of cutting around the outer edge of a printed image in a predetermined shape or following the very contour of the design.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have 2 options. There are 3/16” (0,19”) and 1/2” (0,5”).

Yes, we offer double-sided foam board signs. And we provide 2 different designs on the front and on the back.

The printed portion of your sign will not peel away. In fact, even if you scratch your board, there should be no peeling of the printed portion.

We do not recommend it. If you still want grommets or want to drill holes, please, contact us to discuss it before ordering.

Foam boards are often used for one-time events. But they can last two years or more.

Foam boards signs are designed to be used inside only. But if you put it outside with no windy and rainy day, it can work.

You need to keep foam boards in cool and dry places. You should not put anything heavy on them because they can bend and crease.

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