Durable and Eye-Catching Banner Stands in Brooklyn, NY 

Our banner stands are the perfect solution for those who need both quality and attractive exhibition equipment. Our glossy designs will add a bit of sophistication to your trade show booth or business location. SquarePix's banner display stands are constructed with sturdy materials, meaning they will last you a long time and save you money in the long run.

Discover a broad range of banner stands when you shop with us. These high-quality options are corrosion and wear-resistant and boast excellent customer ratings. Our customers are always content with our prices, customer service, and printing quality.

Retractable Banner Stands a Guilt-Free Purchase

Retractable banner stands will make any display more successful in nearly any context. They're perfect for trade shows and conventions because they are easy to set up, tear/curl-resistant, long-lasting, and image definition is always high quality. Our eco-friendly coating makes this a guilt-free purchase!
Sharp and colorful, our premium retractable banner is printed on smooth vinyl that won't curl. It has a silver stand for easy setup and a carrying case for portability. Perfect for trade shows, conferences, and retail displays.

Portable & Lightweight Banner Stands

X banner stands are affordable and stylish, flawless in displaying your company information without sacrificing quality. The x banner stand is a lightweight marketing solution that features a tripod-like x frame with extendable legs. Each display includes a full-color banner printed single-sided on durable 13 oz vinyl, ensuring that your graphics make a lasting impression.
The L-Shape Banner Stands are an excellent solution for those who have space restrictions or want minimal frame visibility. These stands are constructed from durable materials, making them highly portable. Easy assembly is guaranteed thanks to the aluminum bars that securely hold the graphic panel at the top and bottom.

Handy Tension Fabric Banner Stands

Our Tension fabric banner stands are light and can be set up quickly- no tools are required! Just slip the stretch fabric graphic over the frame and zip it closed. The graphics are full-color and custom-made. For twice the impact, add the double-sided option. The modern tension fabric stands can easily elevate any space.

These stands are made with 8.8 oz fabric and a durable aluminum frame. This design is excellent for promoting your brand name to a broad audience. Tension fabric stands are perfect for trade shows, schools, offices, and anywhere else you want people to see your message.

Space-Saving Tabletop Banner Solution

Tabletop banner stands are an easy and classy way to display messages at your desk. These small displays are perfect for business events that have limited space and can't accommodate full-sized banner stands. They're also transferrable, easy to assemble, and take up very little space. Plus, the graphics on these tabletop banner stands are printed in full color with high-quality inks, so they're sure to grab attention.

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